5 Tips to Consider for Perfection on Using Photography Drone
Posted by photographydrone, 12/23/2016 7:21 pm

There is a huge acceptance for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for photography and videography. You can see varieties of shots on the movies captured using drones. There had been a lot of advancement in the drone technology lately, but capturing an amazing image or video using a drone is not as simple as tapping a button. Here we will discuss some top tips drone photographers need to know for a successful drone photography experience.


1)  Choosing the right camera


There are many drones coming now with in-built cameras. It may be tricky to choose one, but you have the option to set up an additional camera on most of them based on the UAV type. If you are using the drones mainly for using mid-air, choosing the ones with excellent picture quality is crucial. Go to this website for more details. 


2)  Rules and regulations


There are various regulations related to the usage of drones in different countries. Ensuring compliance to the set guidelines and pre-flight safety checks will ensure that you end up with the best photograph at the end without any interference. You also need to check the battery charge, motor shafts, calibration, camera set-up and other important aspects before the take-off.


3)  Choosing the right location


Location selection is very important as far as getting top quality pictures is concerned. The altitude of flight, position of the sun, proper natural lighting, angle of shots etc. so very important to consider for getting the best airborne pictures. Find more tips about aerial photography .



4) Gimbal and balancer


Gimbal allows rotation of the drone and balancer ensures that the pictures are not taken when the drone is jittery. All such accessories are essential to get top-quality images.


5) Getting a first person view


FPV (first person view) feature will let you get live video feeds to be experienced using FPV goggles on the transmitter screen. These help to decide the frame and image specifications, but this view may not be ideal for close up shots. See this here for uav photography melbourne .


It is also important to keep a watch on the weather while attempting drone photography. Don’t do it at extreme weather conditions, both for the perfection of the shot as well as for the safety of the drone, camera, and other equipment used.


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